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We Ride Australia joins global NGO alliance

3 July 2018 | Community, Government relations, Policy & planning

The European Cycling Federation has jst announced that We Ride Australia has become the second Australian organisation to be accepted as a member of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA), a global network of non-Government organisations (NGOs). The WCA unites cycling organisations across the globe in a common purpose – to better promote the utility and benefits of greater participation in bicycling to international institutions. For nearly twenty years We Ride Australia – initially the Cycling Promotion Fund – has promoted the positive health, economic and social benefits to decision makers when more people are able to ride a bicycle. Stephen…

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2018 federal Budget comment

8 May 2018 | Government relations

Main points: Infrastructure for ‘congestion busting’ and ‘nation building’ is on the agenda for 2018-19, with a total of around $24.5 bn announced for infrastructure projects across the country. The Health portfolio contains $230 million to build participation in sport and physical activity, with the Sporting Schools Program receiving funding for an extra year. The Government is also providing $22.9 million to locally-based sporting organisations to encourage and increase physical activity in older Australians. Key links: A detailed breakdown can be found in the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport’s media statement [8May18_Budget_Statement_MinisterInfrastructureandTransport]. Details on the physical activity investments can be…

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Australian transport authorities launch national push for cycling and walking

3 April 2018 | Government relations

Australian transport authorities from every state and territory will launch a national body to push for greater investment in cycling and walking. In a media statement*, WA Department of Transport’s acting integrated transport planning executive director Craig Wooldridge, has talked about the creation of the new body, Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand. “We all know the benefits of cycling and walking to the general community,” Mr Wooldridge said. “As leading traffic and transport practitioners, we know that as our cities become more congested, cycling and walking will be pivotal. “In order to achieve tangible outcomes, we felt that…

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Comment on WA Road Safety Commission’s latest campaign

16 February 2018 | Government relations

We Ride Australia’s vision is to make cycling a positive, healthy and safe reality for children, adults and seniors everywhere … and in many, many countries around the World it is. But when we see the latest road safety campaign from the Western Australian Road Safety Commission we are incredibly disappointed with the content that portrays the choice to ride a bike as social suicide, ridiculous and the choice of no one if they have an option to drive a car. That the Commission faces serious problems addressing an intractable road toll and needs to find ways to stop people…

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Decade decline in children’s bike sales points to crisis in physical activity

28 August 2017 | Government relations

Sales of children’s bicycles have hit a new low leading to concerns that Australian children are not active enough to ensure their long term health and well-being. Sales of children’s bicycles reported by the industry[i] fell 22% in the decade to 2017, from 492,000 in 2007-8 to 382,000.  These are the lowest figures since 2003-04 when 431,000 children’s bicycles were sold. The Australian Cycling Promotion Foundation[ii] (ACPF) is concerned that it has become too hard for children to be active as part of their daily trips to school and other local destinations. “The ACPF believes that the declining sales are…

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