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What can we learn from China’s active mobility infrastructure boom?

31 May 2023 | Events

WeRide news update and webinar on the astounding scale of progress for active travel in China. We often hear about European and North American approaches to walking and cycling infrastructure. While Paris – creating its own revolution as a sustainable city – plans to add 182 km of new permanent protected bike lanes between 2021-2026, Beijing has already renovated 3,200 km (!) of bike lanes between 2016 and 2020 and is continuing to forge ahead! Sam Johnson from the World Bank has recently undertaken a review of China’s investment in active mobility approaches to infrastructure, policy settings, travel demand management…

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e-Bikes ride into Parliament

23 November 2022 | Events, Government relations

The Federal Parliamentary Friends of Cycling, with We Ride Australia, today launched the Friendship group for the 47th Parliament with an e-bike test and ride event on the lawns of Parliament House Canberra. The Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, the Hon. Patrick Gorman, launched the group with the group’s Co-Chairs the Member for Swan, Zaneta Mascarenhas MP (Labor), the Member for Fisher the Hon. Andrew Wallace MP (Coalition) and the independent Member for Indi, Dr Helen Haines MP. The event attracted MPs, Senators and key staff from all major parties along with several independents and showcased the latest e-bike…

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Osher Gunsberg to host Australian Cycling Luminaries Awards

16 November 2022 | Announcement, Events

We Ride Australia is delighted to announce that WeRide Board member, TV host and media identity, Osher Günsberg, will host the 2022 Australian Cycling Luminaries Awards in Sydney on Friday 25th November. Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities, having been a guest in the living rooms of Australians for over 20 years. Osher joined WeRide to help in its mission to ensure the choice to ride a bike helps Australia’s move to a healthier, happier and more sustainable future. “I am so pleased to be able to help celebrate all the people around this country who…

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Inspirational young leader to Key Note Cycling Luminaries Awards

14 November 2022 | Announcement, Events

Zibeon Fielding to Key Note the Awards ‘I do it for my people, I do it for my family, I do it for my loved ones … to be a role model in the community for them’ We Ride Australia is ecstatic to announce that 2020 SA Young Australian of the Year, marathon graduate of the IMF program, pioneering health professional and charity fund raiser, Zibeon Fielding, is headlining our Gala Awards Dinner for 2022 alongside TV host and media identity Osher Gunsberg. Zibeon is an inspirational role model in his community, combining his professional health training with a belief…

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How did we get to this point? National #Ride2Work Day

19 October 2022 | Events

Today is the one day in the year we celebrate our choice to ride a bike to work. Our bicycle organisations, progressive Councils and governments reinforce the steps they are taking to help us along the way whether that is advocacy, programs or putting the infrastructure on the ground. None of this is a given, it takes commitment, political will and investment. But with significant numbers of Australians making it clear they would consider riding for transport if the conditions were better, these investments pay off. Sydney’s six new COVID-response bikeways have had such a growth in use their financial…

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National award nominations open

28 July 2022 | Announcement, Events

Nominations for the 18th Cycling Luminaries Awards opened today to celebrate the people, the places and the programs that get people riding bikes. Covid has highlighted the value of bicycles and riding to so many Australians, and the national awards, celebrate the investment and leadership to support all riders. The Cycling Luminaries Awards have been widely recognised and valued across Australia since 2002. Past winners have come from as far away as remote Kimberley and Gulf communities as well as our major towns and cities. The awards were not held during Covid, so this year is a unique chance to…

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The COVID dividend for cycling in cities

15 June 2021 | Events, Government relations

Updated 8/7/21 2020 was a year of enormous changes to work and transport in our cities and towns. The June Parliamentary Friends of Cycling event, hosted by WeRide, investigated the economic and transport benefits of the boom in cycling across the country.  The presentations highlighted the substantial economic success of investments in pop-up bikeways and cycle lanes, the job creation as well as the efforts of major business and governments to offer active transport options to commuters who had ‘got back on the bike’ during lockdown – we called this the ‘COVID dividend.’ This is the role of WeRide –…

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Two Wheeled Tourism – transforming Australia’s regions

16 February 2021 | Events, Government relations

Members of Parliament front up for cycling in Parliament at the first event for the Parliamentary Friends of Cycling in 2021* Updated 9/4/21 The first event of the Parliamentary Friends of Cycling for 2021 was held in Parliament House, Canberra on Tuesday 16 February. Organised and led by We Ride Australia, the Friends of Cycling event focused on the regional economic benefits of cycle tourism as a key economic recovery opportunity. The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail was featured in presentations and a new video has just been launched with local business owners talking about the benefits for their community….

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Parliamentary Friends of Cycling holds inaugural event in Canberra

3 December 2020 | Events, Government relations

Updated 2 September 2021 The inaugural event to launch the Parliamentary Friends of Cycling took place this morning outside Parliament House. We Ride introduced MPs, Senators and their staff to e-Bikes, e-cargo bikes, folding e-bikes, e-Postie bikes and e-mountain bikes. Co-Chairs Dave Sharma MP, Hon. Dr Andrew Leigh MP and Dr Helen Haines MP welcomed their colleagues in an engaging, informal experience with a range of e-Bikes on hand to look at and try around Federation Mall. In addition to the bikes on show, WeRide’s Peter Bourke outlined the boom in sales globally and in Australia resulting from the adoption…

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Australian Bicycle Summit update

10 March 2020 | Announcement, Events

We Ride Australia’s national Bicycle Summit has been set down for the 19th August in Parliament House in Canberra. Our flagship national event will again be headlined by the Cycling Luminaries Awards in a Gala event in Parliament’s Mural Hall. The ability to bring the stories that matter from around the country to our political leaders is one of the reasons we are going back to Canberra after hugely successful Summits in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Nominations will soon be launched for the 16th annual Cycling Luminaries Awards that recognise the people, programs and places that get people riding –…

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