We Ride Australia


We Ride Australia will make available any Resource that we have created or gained access to that will help promote bicycling in Australia. Visit this page often to see new resources that we will add as they become available.

Canberra Transport Photo

Our iconic Canberra Transport Photo has been used in many different applications around the world to illustrate the road space required to move 69 people using public transport, bicycles and private motor vehicles. We are happy for you to use this resource, but we ask that you please contact us to advise us of your application and to provide credit and recognition as to the source.

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We Ride Australia videos are focused on presenting the fun, inclusive and positive reasons people choose to ride a bicycle. Follow the link in the menu above to see some great video’s, produced in the name of improving cycling in Australia.


We have collated some useful Survey’s and Reports that have been produced around bicycling and transportation. Follow the link in the menu above to review these great industry tools.


Follow the link in the menu above to see some of the submissions we have made to government and boards of inquiry regarding the important role that cycling has in Australia.

Please contact us if you wish to use any CPF or We Ride Australia resources in a commercial capacity.