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Federal Election for 18 May

11 April 2019 | Announcement, Government relations

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the 2019 Federal Election for Saturday, 18 May. The timing reinforces the value of the Australian Bicycle Summit as a time the entire sector comes together. Last year’s consensus statement from all national and state bicycle organisations has guided our advocacy over the last year and our calls for minimum investment of $10 per person, measures to get children riding to school again and positive provision measures to ensure provision for cycling is part of all major transport projects. The consensus statement reads: “We are committed to a nation where every child and every…

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Cycling commitments for the NSW election

14 March 2019 | Government relations

NSW has been the scene of some of the most heated political and media battles over transport cycling we have seen in this country (remember College Street?), but there are a few promising signs of change in the commitments made ahead of the State Election on the 23rd. Commitments from the NSW Greens top the pool with a four year commitment for one billion dollars. Contained in the policy ‘Better Bike Paths – a safe, accessible and connected network of bike paths in Sydney and regional centres’ it establishes a $250m per year infrastructure fund. While seemingly large, this amount…

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February news – Summit Principal Partner, Safe Routes to School & other news

28 February 2019 | Community, Events, Government relations, Policy & planning

Major Announcement: 2019 Summit partners with TAC We Ride Australia is delighted to announce [LINK] the Transport Accident Commission – TAC – will partner with We Ride Australia for the 2019 Australian Bicycle Summit and Cycling Luminaries Awards. We Ride Australia is ecstatic to have TAC’s strong vote of confidence in the objectives of the Summit and national role of We Ride Australia. This year’s theme ‘smart tech and active transport, towards zero’, recognises the changing face of transport and impact on active travel, and the role technology will play in how we move in the future. One of the…

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Towards the 2019 Federal Election

28 February 2019 | Events, Government relations, Policy & planning

Australian bicycle organisations utilised the 2018 the Australian Bicycle Summit, to develop a consensus statement outlining a framework for action that will be pursued by all organisations in the lead up to the election. It reads: “We are committed to a nation where every child and every adult can enjoy riding a bike safely for transport, recreation and sport. Together we will make Australia healthier and more sustainable through a national commitment to cycling education, training and quality infrastructure.”  [article link] As we move towards the election we are continuing to work with all parties to build the best outcomes…

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Bumper Christmas e-news – December edition!

12 December 2018 | Community, Government relations

 A Christmas ‘call to arms’ for national bike advocacy Christmas is a great time to spend time with the people we love. After a big year that has included the launch of our not-for-profit charitable Foundation, We Ride Australia, Christmas is also a time for us to take a deep breath, look at the year in review and think about the ‘where to from here’. It is also a year in which we have challenged the ongoing lack of political leadership demonstrated by the lack of investment in bicycle infrastructure, the lack of improvement in road safety as seen in the…

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Government ‘must actively plan for and promote … active transport’ – Parliamentary report on cities

18 September 2018 | Government relations, Policy & planning

Yesterday, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities handed down the report from its ‘Inquiry into the Australian Government’s role in the development of cities’, titled Building Up & Moving Out.   We Ride Australia appeared before the Committee, as did many peak bodies, experts and advocacy groups, in support of submissions made to the inquiry. Initial comments Across twelve chapters, the report focuses on a wide range of topics from national settlement plan and urban planning, guidelines and transport systems to smart cities and infrastructure procurement, housing affordability and role of the Commonwealth. Urban connectivity…

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National Safe Routes to School trial site and 2019 Summit dates

12 September 2018 | Community, Events, Government relations, Policy & planning

In this We Ride Australia September e-news: We visit trial site for national Safe Routes to School scheme project Australian Bicycle Summit host city and dates for 2019 Sunshine Coast infrastructure Parliamentary Friends of Better Cities in Parliament Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand Advocacy update What’s on. As always, there is a lot to talk about and we are constantly pushing for better outcomes for cycling so please add your voice to the Australians who have already said ‘We Ride!’ National Safe Routes to School trial site As we get closer to finding out if our efforts to…

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August e-Newsletter – Action on Safe Routes to School leading our efforts

9 August 2018 | Community, Events, Government relations, Policy & planning

In this We Ride Australia e-news: We’re failing on national road safety targets More news on national trial for a Safe Routes to School scheme Leaders Forum held recently in WA with star of New York’s transformation into a walking and cycling city – Paul Steely White Launch of Sport 2030 Plan A new generation of transport planners committed to walking and cycling – national AITPM conference in Perth, Latest CWANZ meeting and other advocacy activities. As always, there is a lot to talk about – so don’t hesitate to have a look around our website for more info and…

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Successful Bicycle Summit a milestone for We Ride Australia

11 July 2018 | Community, Events, Government relations, Policy & planning

Our first e-news to members and friends of We Ride Australia has just been distributed and is a milestone for the Foundation – it marks our first 12 months of operation after our change to a charitable not-for-profit organisation. This has all been made possible thanks to the support of our Foundation Benefactors, Members and supporters. We have a lot more to talk about – our 14th Cycling Luminaries Awards – a successful Australian Bicycle Summit – a big advocacy update and more. But first to news! National #WeRide! video competition To build public awareness around the joy, convenience and sheer utility people experience…

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We Ride Australia joins global NGO alliance

3 July 2018 | Community, Government relations, Policy & planning

The European Cycling Federation has jst announced that We Ride Australia has become the second Australian organisation to be accepted as a member of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA), a global network of non-Government organisations (NGOs). The WCA unites cycling organisations across the globe in a common purpose – to better promote the utility and benefits of greater participation in bicycling to international institutions. For nearly twenty years We Ride Australia – initially the Cycling Promotion Fund – has promoted the positive health, economic and social benefits to decision makers when more people are able to ride a bicycle. Stephen…

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