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Transport Study Tour – North America

Empowering our leaders through knowledge and experience - 15-20 September 2019

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Our study tour program was put on hold due to Covid and we are now looking at options for future editions of our expert study tours. They have successfully engaged Ministers, senior bureaucrats, Mayors and Council staff in unique small group international experiences in active travel planning and delivery since 2014.

In 2014, We Ride Australia (formerly the Cycling Promotion Fund), led the first Australian ‘Influentials’ study tour to the Netherlands. The 10 leaders participating in the delegation returned to Australia with knowledge, ideas and most importantly inspiration about the possibilities to create better cycling environments and transport systems in Australia.

Based on the experience of the 2014 and subsequent international Study Tours and their ability to drive change within our communities, We Ride Australia led the most recent transport Study Tour to the West Coast of America in September 2019.

Continuing to focus on creating communities for people, our delegates in 2019 experienced a broad range of transport environments with site visits, presentations and meetings that educated, inspired and empowered all participants in the intense 5-day immersion.

With a focus on technology, some of our key presentations and experiences came from visits to Google, Waymo X, Uber and Bird which, combined with engagement with city and state officials, academics and local industry, provided an in-depth understanding of how technology and active travel contributes to communities, cities and states in the USA.

The study tour program is designed to encourage politicians, elected representatives, planners, engineers and key executives to develop their own unique visions for thriving cities and people-focused places once they return to Australia. 

It has been designed for decision makers and influencers to enhance the vision and leadership Australian cities require as they face the challenges of decarbonising and delivering better transport for a growing population.


For further information or to discuss joining one of our expert study tours, please contact Stephen Hodge and Peter Bourke.

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