The European Cycling Federation has jst announced that We Ride Australia has become the second Australian organisation to be accepted as a member of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA), a global network of non-Government organisations (NGOs).

The WCA unites cycling organisations across the globe in a common purpose – to better promote the utility and benefits of greater participation in bicycling to international institutions.

For nearly twenty years We Ride Australia – initially the Cycling Promotion Fund – has promoted the positive health, economic and social benefits to decision makers when more people are able to ride a bicycle.

Stephen Hodge, Director – National Advocacy said ‘the Alliance highlights the ability of the sector to provide a unified focus from a local level through to international leadership from the United Nations,

‘Locally, corporate Australia is investing in making it easier for staff to ride to work, school children universally want to ride and walk to school more,’ he said.

‘Our job as a national advocacy foundation is to work with our colleagues, with elected representatives, with corporate Australia and with parents and citizens across the country to make that choice easier, safer and more attractive for everyone,

‘We have just celebrated a hugely successful 14th annual Cycling Luminaries Awards and a national Summit in Barangaroo, Sydney engaging advocates, industry, corporates and the government.

‘We can do more to bring the sector together, we should do more and funding for active travel should be consistent with the outcomes it provides.

‘We owe it to our children to do more to make our communities safer, more active and healthier,

‘Being part of a global alliance gives us an even larger network to draw on and we are happy to be a member of the World Cycling Alliance,’ Hodge said.

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