We Ride Australia

What we do

We Ride! And so do nearly four million Australians on a regular basis. But nationally, many more would like to be able to ride a bike to work, down to the shop for a litre of milk or a loaf of bread and our children, who are amongst the most chauffeured among all OECD countries, would love to ride and walk to school in much greater numbers. We Ride! is working to change that and make the choice to ride a bike more attractive, easier and safer.

Our national programs and events reach key decision makers and address key barriers preventing greater participation in cycling.

Our approach is based on our four key pillars:

  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • An Independent Voice

How can we create positive change with these four key pillars?

  • Through the support of everyday Australian and our members.
  • Quality and reach of our communications.
  • Relevant data and research.
  • Our professional advocacy and lobbying.
  • Strategic national programs and events that create change.

With a history of nearly two decades of national advocacy under our belts, a national network of allies and like-minded peak industry organisations plus a proven track record across the political spectrum, We Ride Australia is working effectively to be able to say ‘We Ride!’ more often, more effectively and to more decision makers than ever before.

Add your voice to ours to play an even bigger part in making Australia a better place to ride a bicycle!