We Ride Australia


Our logo is provided free for use by our supporters, feel free to download our We Ride Australia logo and use it as widely as possible.  When using our logo on your website, where possible, all URL links should be directed to our Home Page.

Please only download and use the logo versions that you are entitled to use. All permission is granted subject to compliance with the We Ride Style Guide – Use of Our Logo

Our Logos

We Ride Horizontal LogoHorizontal Logo
We Ride Vertical LogoVertical Logo

Member Logos

Provided for use by our Members who applied for membership after 1 April 2018.

We Ride Member Horizontal LogoMember Horizontal Logo
We Ride Member Vertical LogoMember Vertical Logo

Foundation Benefactor Logos

Provided for use by our Foundation Benefactors only, as recognised on our Honour Roll.

We Ride Foundation Benefactor Horizontal LogoFoundation Benefactor Horizontal Logo
We Ride Foundation Benefactor Vertical LogoFoundation Benefactor Vertical Logo

Foundation Member Logos

Provided for use by our Foundation Members only, as recognised on our Honour Roll, who were members prior to 31 March 2018.  If you applied for membership to our organisation after this date, please use the general “Member logo” in the section above.

We Ride Foundation Member Horizontal LogoFoundation Member Horizontal Logo
We Ride Foundation Member Vertical LogoFoundation Member Vertical Logo



If you require high resolution logo images for the purposes of print or large media, please Contact Us.

Need Help?

To download these images, please hover over the image you require and then right click on your mouse.  Select ‘Save Image As’ and then navigate to the the folder or location on your computer you wish these images to be stored and click ‘Save’.