We Ride Australia


2023 Webinar Series

The trajectory of the sector is influenced by our collective power of all bike supporters.

The WeRide webinar series have been carefully chosen to offer insight into high priority and relevant topics. As the sector evolves, we all must adapt and learn to promote better biking for everyone.

If you have suggestions for future webinars, please let send through your comment and ideas.


Creating change through e-bike incentives

3 April 2018

Learn from US and UK e-bike scheme managers in this WeRide webinar facilitated by World Bank Sustainable Transport Analyst, Sam Johnson. Together with Australia’s own Lug+Carrie, how are UK and USA schemes successfully shifting local transport choice to e-bikes? Discuss with the experts who manage these programs who will answer the question of how effective are large scale e-bike incentive schemes at transitioning transport behaviour to active transport? PROGRAM: – WeRide welcome – Sam Johnson kicks off speaker presentations + Cameron Bennett with an overview of North American incentives, current and planned, differences in schemes and the pros and cons…

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