We Ride Australia


Since its establishment in 2000, the achievements of the organisation have been made possible by the sustained and committed support of Australian bicycle industry leaders, large and small, and other businesses and individuals who believe that an effective, professional national voice is vital if we are to improve the environment through making Australia a better place to ride a bicycle.

Exclusively industry-focused at the start, the Foundation is increasingly benefiting from a broader engagement with public and private sector organisations and Australians everywhere.

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Why we need you!

Our supporters believe that more cycling benefits our children, our families, our friends, our communities and our environment.

Whether it is making it possible for our kids to ride, scoot and walk to school again, providing convenient, sensible options for disadvantaged groups to get to work, appointments or simply the local shops or fun ways to get out and about with friends and family on the weekends, everyone benefits when the choice to ride a bike is easier and safer.

  • So join us as we seek your fun and engaging entries for the national We Ride Video Competition.
  • Join us by adding your name with Australians who simply want to be counted as they say “We Ride!”. It’s completely free and we won’t sell your details.
  • Join our Facebook page and engage with us as we give a voice to people who choose to ride a bicycle, and lastly
  • Join our Benefactors and Members, large and small, who are contributing to our national efforts to make riding an easier choice.

Our commitment to you:

Improving the environment by making cycling a positive, healthy and safe reality for children, adults and seniors throughout Australia

We will do this by:

  • Securing infrastructure and programs to ensure cycling contributes to healthy, safe and enjoyable mobility for all.
  • Sharing evidence to support cycling’s role in community and national agendas.
  • Building the case for investment in infrastructure.
  • Presenting the positive, healthy and safe reality of daily cycling across Australia by children, adults and seniors from all walks of life.

Our values

We are an independent voice committed to open, transparent and inclusive collaboration building upon 20 years work with decision makers, governments and like-minded organisations.

The founding members of the Cycling Promotion Fund (now We Ride Australia) in 2000 were:

  • Bicycling Australia
  • Birdy Imports
  • Bike Shopsurance
  • Bike Corp
  • Body Torque
  • Gemini Bicycles
  • Giant Bicycles
  • Greenspeed Recumbents
  • Moruya Bicycles
  • Shimano Australia
  • Trek Bicycles

If you would like to inquire about supporting the work We Ride Australia does please contact us using the form below. 



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