It’s time for a final wrap of 2022 and a quick reflection on the work WeRide has done during the year, the strength of our national collaborations and what we’re planning in 2023!

You can see our final message for 2022 in the latest video news update here or read the summary below.

The December News Video



After two years of delays we are now finishing our RideScore Trial program on a high.

RideScore gives parents the confidence to let their children ride and scoot to school as they get a direct message when their child arrives at school, and again when they leave to come home.

The kids get movie vouchers and family fun park passes as they reach milestones riding to school.

They love it and so do the parents, who get hours back in their lives each week. The program is helping to keep everyone safer and reduces traffic around schools. With the data now in we can’t wait to launch the evaluation report by Deakin Uni in 2023 for this first-of-a-kind ride to school program.

Some early numbers show that 30% of the participants didnt ride or scoot to school before the program and 73% are now riding more.

It has been a successful and popular program, thanks largely to the work of the Sunshine Coast Council who have taken it on with us.

2023 FOCUS

In 2023, WeRide will be continuing to work hard to advocate to have e-bikes put on an equal footing with EVs regarding purchase and use.

We believe that a level playing field should apply for such a great solution for how we get around.

WeRide brought the bicycle sector together to provide an extensive submission to the national Electric Vehicle Strategy. It sets us up with a really good platform to work with as soon as Parliament returns early next year.

We also worked hard early on to have the electric vehicle tax law amended to include abolition of import duty and FBT liability on new e-bikes.

While we weren’t successful this time, we can count on significant support for initiatives in the new Parliament.

We know that massive increases in bike riding ARE possible and have already occurred during COVID, and that bicycles and e-bikes are technologies in place and deployable NOW! This will be a key focus for us in 2023.


Over the last 5 years, there have been almost 6 times as many e-bikes than electric cars were sold in Australia. Bikes sold than cars for 25 years and we think this trend will continue in the e-mobility use increases.




We’d like to wish you and all our members, supporters, colleagues in the sector and beyond, Seasons Greetings and all the very best for Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

We look forward to working with you in 2023.