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FE Sports is the Official Sponsor of the 2018 Cycling Luminaries Award for Bike Culture.

Winner RideScore Sunshine Coast

2018 AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE SUMMIT- Darren Harper National Sales Manager, FE Sport with Colleen Penny, Sunshine Coast Council, who won the award for Bike Culture with Marcia Ella Duncan OAM at the Awards dinner, level 13, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo, NSW. Photo: Jessica Hromas

Sunshine Coast Council has embraced technology to develop an innovative tool to encourage students to cycle to school. RideScore is the first program of its type in Australia to record student cycle trips and provide real-time information to parents. The technology means that an email notification is sent to the parent when the student arrives at and departs from school. Students accumulate points for cycling to school that can be redeemed for prizes. RideScore provides peace of mind for parents of children who cycle to and from school.



Excitement, momentum, inspiration and joy are all outcomes of the perfect promotion, campaign, communication or initiative.

Cycling is an amazing activity that is great for health, the environment, fitness, social connection, independence, transport and simply fun.

Advocates know what they are promoting is very positive, but there is a need to cut through to communicate just how amazing it is to ride and how many positive outcomes are achieved when more Australians have the option of riding a bike.

How we communicate, how we present, how we sell, or how we promote are all critical in driving culture change.


This award is open to any Australian organisation or individual who has delivered an outstanding initiative, program or event to promote cycling. Please include references to the following points when making your nomination for the Bike Culture and Behaviour Change Award:

  1. What role has this initiative played in achieving positive promotion for cycling?
  2. How has this initiative demonstrated innovation in the promotion of cycling? Is there an objective measure of this success?
  3. How does this initiative promote the long-term behaviour change habits of the Australian community?
  4. How has this initiative promoted the long-term improvements to the wider communities perception of cycling?
  5. How has this initiative or event promoted improvement to cycling safety?
  6. What is the key outstanding achievement in the past 2 years?
  7. What challenges has the initiative overcome to achieve successful outcomes?