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Bicycle Transport Analysis

The Bicycle Transport Analysis (BTA) helps communities measure the quality of their low-stress bike network. It assesses the degree to which people can comfortably bike to the places they want to go.

Our goal with the tool is to lower the barrier to basic network analysis and encourage cities of all sizes to build connected, comfortable bike networks.

The objective of the BTA is to enable cities and towns of all sizes everywhere to carry out basic network analysis for cycling and encourage them to build connected, comfortable bike networks that we know encourage more short daily trips by bicycle.


How is the BTA developed?

The Bicycle Transport Analysis tool simplifies the ability to track the positive impact of bicycle infrastructure upgrades that enhance accessibility by bicycle in local town and city areas wherever they are.

The BTA score is developed in four stages: data collection, traffic stress analysis, destination access analysis, and score aggregation.

This network analysis is based on the bike facilities in OpenStreetMap. Having your bike network in OpenStreetMap can have numerous benefits; maximizing the usefulness of this network analysis and getting the best possible Places For Bikes city rating are only two. Many cities do not yet have their full bike networks in OSM, so we encourage you to add them.

Bicycle Transport Analysis – program overview

Help us improve the Bicycle Transport Analysis

The accuracy of the BTA is dependent on the information about roads, bike facilities and key destinations in OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can help ensure your city’s BTA is accurate by contributing to OpenStreetMap. The following resources will help you get started.

The BTA is an evolving project and your input will help us make sure that it is useful and actionable in the long term. Give us feedback directly about how we can make it more useful for you at yes@weride.org.au

For users new to OSM (beginner – advanced): Editing Guide

For users who prefer to use ArcGIS (advanced): ArcGIS Editor Guide



How can my city get a BTA?

To get a BTA for your city or town, have your city staff contact We Ride Australia.

To request a quote for a custom BTA at a local or regional level, email peter@weride.org.au


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