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Built Environment – 2019 Winner

2019 AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE SUMMIT- Martin Clucas, Giant Bicycles presents the Award for Built Environment with Tim Papandreou, Emerging Transport Advisers to Mark Stephens, Aura by Stocklands at the Awards Dinner at Marvel Stadium, Docklands. Photo: Andrew Taylor.

Aura, by Stockland

The approach to the planning and delivery of cycle infrastructure at Aura is unique and has set a new benchmark for large scale master planned communities. Their partnership with state and local government, planning and commitment to two-way, veloways connecting with surrounding communities and delivery of programs has resulted in their selection as a finalist.

Aura by Stockland won this award due to the design, the partnership with Economic Development, Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Council, the bold scale of the implementation, the delivery of safe two way veloways and programs across the community that has all enabled.

We would like to thank Giant Bicycles for being the official sponsor of the 2019 Cycling Luminaries Award for Built Environment and congratulate Aura on winning this award.

2019 Built Environment Award – Finalists


Civilscope Consult and ACT Government

A new technical standard, Municipal Infrastructure Standard 5 – Active Travel Facilities Design (MIS05, 2018), will integrate the planning, design and construction of infrastructure for cycling and walking into a set of codes that will govern the planning and development of the built environment. This means that each time a new suburb is planned, or an existing inner urban area redeveloped, the work has to include active travel facilities which are well-designed and constructed and are linked to the city’s active travel network.

The development of MIS05, a project undertaken by Geoff Farrar (Civilscope Consult, BMCA), Darwin Zeta (ACT Government) and their team for the ACT Government updates to the technical guidelines…attractive part of Canberra’s transport system.

So that the knowledge contained in MIS05 is made readily available to engineers, planners, consultants and designers of active travel facilities, Civilscope Consult and Robert Bleeker have developed a website to complement MIS05 and in conjunction with Sustainable Transport Consultants (Warren Salomon) have developed a series of training courses designed to improve skills and knowledge of the updated guidelines.

Geoff Farrar and Darwin Zeta’s involvement in the integrated planning approach is unique among Australian cities.


The approach to the planning and delivery of cycle infrastructure at Aura is unique and has set a new benchmark for large scale master planned communities. The nomination of Aura in the category of built environment is supported because:

1. Design – The urban design of the Aura master plan is centered around the delivery of the veloway network (including consideration for end of trip facilities and varying urban interfaces) to increase the appeal of cycling as a sustainable transport mode;

2. Partnership – since 2013 Stockland, Economic Development Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Council have worked in partnership to design and develop the strategy for the delivery of a holistic cycle network;

3. Bold – the scale and implementation is unprecedented and the delivery of the veloway network in a bold and visible way is a game changer for greenfield communities. Aura is truly a Bike City;

4. Safe – the early delivery of a two-way, singled sided veloway connecting the existing surround communities with Aura provides a safe and convenient network encouraging increased cycling usage. This has been demonstrated through ongoing feedback from residents and the significant usage by primary school children for short daily trips to school;

5. Programs – delivering high quality cycle infrastructure at Aura has enabled the delivery of programs including the Sunshine Coast Council RideScore program to promote cycling as a transport solution from an early age.

Munda Biddi

The Trail traverses Western Australia’s Darling Range and Southern Forests through Eucalypt bushland, granite outcrops and unique wetlands – South-West WA is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot, you will discover plants and wildlife found nowhere else.

There are few places in the world where a 1000km trail could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor. The design encourages long term cycling because the people who try 1 section will be hooked and want to complete it all. We have been chipping away at the trail on day trips and extended trips utilising the free huts along the way.

Safety is considered with mini stop signs as you approach vehicular roads and maps available in physical format so you can figure out where you are, even when you have no internet or phone reception. They have recently added trail alerts and diversions to their website which assist when planning trips.

Considering the maintenance of this trail is completed by volunteers, the foundation deserves commendations for offering training to it’s volunteers as well as encouraging new people to join. With more support and funding, this trail could be improved and promoted to the world as a tourism mecca for bike-packers or mountain bike enthusiasts.

Find out more about the Built Environment Award criteria and eligibility and our Judging Panel.

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