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2018 Cycling Luminaries Awards


Find out all you need to know about the Cycling Luminaries Awards. If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact us.


How do I submit my nomination to the awards?

Please refer to the nomination page of this website

Can I put in more than one nomination?

You can put in as many nominations as you wish.

Can I nominate myself?

You can nominate yourself or any other individual, group, organisation or project.

Does the nominee need to be aware of the nomination?

No, the nominee does not need to be aware of the nomination, but we recommend that you inform them of their nomination.

We Ride Australia will not reveal your identity to the nominee, but we will let you know if they have requested to know who nominated them.

Will I be notified of the successful submission of my nomination?

Yes. All nominators will receive email notification of the successful submission of their nomination.

Selection criteria

How will the Cycling Luminaries Awards be chosen?

The short-listed finalists and winners of the Cycling Luminary Awards will be selected by a panel of five experts from the Australian cycling community.

All nominees will receive notification that their nomination has been successfully received. Short listed nominees will be personally notified and encouraged to attend the Awards Gala Dinner.

What are the minimum requirements for my submission to be accepted?

The minimum information required is the main project image and a brief description of the idea/project you are submitting. Please note that the better and more complete your description, the more likely it will be understood and favourably considered by the judges.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards Team reserves the right to not publish submissions which:

(i) do not contain sufficient information,

(ii) do not have any connection to the categories outlined for the Awards, or

(iii) contain racist, sexist or other unsuitable content which, by its very nature, will not allow for a productive discussion on cycling as sustainable, desirable mobility.

What happens next?

What about the intellectual ownership of my project?

The full intellectual ownership remains with the people behind each project submitted. The Cycling Luminaries Awards only claim the right to republish the project information provided on the We Ride Australia website and in media stories and outputs specifically related to the Awards.

Furthermore, by submitting a nomination you agree that it will form part of our archive of nominations to the Cycling Luminaries Awards to serve as an online published record of the great projects, ideas and initiatives we have recognised from around the country.

What happens once I am chosen as a Cycling Luminary?

You will be contacted by the Cycling Luminaries Awards Team and invited to attend the Australian Bicycle Summit Gala Awards Dinner in Sydney on 20 June 2018.

How will the winning projects be published?

All nominees will be contacted upon the completion of the selection process, to inform of the shortlisted projects to be included as finalists and invited to the Awards.

All nominees will be published on the We Ride Australia website with all shortlisted nominees published in the awards promotional poster.

Can I change my project information once I have submitted it to the awards?

For reasons of fairness and to keep the workload of the Cycling Visionaries Awards Team reasonable, it is not possible to change the project information once it is submitted. Please take care in submitting your project and everything will be fine.

Is there funding available to cover my expenses for travel and accommodation?

Unfortunately, we are generally unable to cover travel or hotel costs for your attendance. If you require a letter of invitation or a confirmation of participation, we are happy to provide you with such a document.