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Built environment

Transport for NSW Award sponsor

Transport for NSW is the Official Sponsor of the 2018 Cycling Luminaries Award for Infrastructure.

Winner Maydena Bike Park – TAS

2018 AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE SUMMIT- Clare Gardiner-Barnes presents the award for For Built Enviroment to Simon French, Maydena Bike Park at the Awards dinner, level 13, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo, NSW. Photo: Jessica Hromas.

The Maydena Bike Park is a gravity-focused mountain bike park in Tasmania’s stunning Derwent Valley. Tasmania’s newest mountain bike park offers 34 World-class trails for everyone, from families through to elite riders. The development has repeated the experience of other successful MTB destinations with a doubling of the town of Maydena’s population on holiday weekends, increasing property prices and an economic boom transforming the fortunes of another regionally depressed local economy.



The urban fabric in which we cycle has a large influence on the desire and willingness of the community to ride a bike.

Cycling is facilitated tremendously by the right kind of infrastructure and urban layout, no matter whether it is in the CBD, a developing suburb, a rural or remote location.

People engaged in creating the cities of the future are key stakeholders if cycling is to assume its place in the sustainable and healthy transportation system of the future.

Thinking about how we can make cities fit for the bicycle as a key sustainable mode of transport, especially for those short daily trips that make up around half of all trips each day, is vital.

When supported by the right urban planning and design, cycling can be a city changer and transform neighbourhoods and towns into livelier, economically more productive and socially more inclusive places.

The Award highlights ideas, projects and visions on how the cities and towns of the future should welcome and support the increased use of bicycles. It demonstrates how bicycles will become a vital element of a sustainable city of the future.


This award is open to any organisation or individual who has designed, implemented or lead a project delivering outstanding urban design and built environment.

Please include references to the following points when making your nomination:

  1. What is unique about the design or project?​
  2. What challenges has this design or project overcome?
  3. How has the design or project demonstrated innovation in achieving success?
  4. How does this design or project promote long term engagement in cycling?
  5. How has this design or project promoted improvement to cycling safety?
  6. What is the key outstanding achievement in the past 2 years?