We Ride Australia

Creating change through e-bike incentives

Learn from US and UK e-bike scheme managers in this WeRide webinar facilitated by World Bank Sustainable Transport Analyst, Sam Johnson.

Together with Australia’s own Lug+Carrie, how are UK and USA schemes successfully shifting local transport choice to e-bikes?

Discuss with the experts who manage these programs who will answer the question of how effective are large scale e-bike incentive schemes at transitioning transport behaviour to active transport?


– WeRide welcome

– Sam Johnson kicks off speaker presentations

+ Cameron Bennett with an overview of North American incentives, current and planned, differences in schemes and the pros and cons

+ Jenny Box will give us an overview of their ‘Making Cycling e-asier’ program

+ Ben Carr will explain Lug+Carrie’s free school trial approach

– Brief questions to speakers from Sam Johnson

– Questions from the audience

– WeRide wrap-up and further sources of information.