We Ride Australia

Policy relating to Sponsorships, Memberships and Exclusivity


This policy recognises and values the commitment of our members who join We Ride Australia and provide vital support on an ongoing annual basis.

To promote and enhance the relationship with our members, We Ride Australia will prioritise current and existing members in the promotion of sponsorship opportunities, over non-member companies, particularly as a charity that is almost entirely reliant on memberships and sponsorships for our income, we do require the ability to extend the income sources to attract one off sponsorship and income.  Whilst acknowledging the commercial challenges facing our members, allowing one off sponsorship opportunities, that can allow potential new members to ‘put their toe into the water’ and begin a relationship are important to the organisation.

That is the goal of the following policy.



Membership refers to any entity or individual who joins We Ride Australia as a Member and pays an annual membership fee.


Sponsorship refers to sponsoring a particular activity, event or aspect of an event in return for public acknowledgement as a sponsor.


Exclusivity refers to any agreement whereby all other entities, or commercially competing entities within a particular market or market sector, are precluded from taking part.


We Ride Australia does not offer any partial or full exclusivity relating to Membership of the organisation. In accordance with the We Ride Australia membership policy, all entities that are not excluded under the prescribed categories are welcome to become members.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Members will be given first option on all sponsorship opportunities.

For pre-scheduled annual events such as the Australian Bicycle Summit and Cycling Luminaries Awards, members will receive 30 days’ advance notice of any upcoming sponsorship opportunity before it is made available to non-members.


Principal Partner opportunity of annual events may be taken by an entity, which does not have commercially competing interests without the 30 day notice period.

One-off sponsorship opportunities which are deemed ‘opportunistic’ where we are not able to give a full 30 days’ advance notice to members, we will attempt to give members reasonable advance notice.


If a potential sponsor would like exclusivity within any particular category, they need to request this and negotiate an agreement in advance of their sponsorship being finalised.

Exclusivity will only be agreed to on a case by case basis.

We Ride Australia’s preferred position is not to offer category exclusivity for sponsors.