This week We Ride developed a joint submission to the next 10-year National Road Safety Strategy.

The We Ride-led joint submission called for protected infrastructure to be part of all federal transport funding and lower speed limits to make local streets safer.

This joint submission was co-signed by Australian bike organisations; AusCycling, Bicycle QLD, Amy Gillett Foundation, Bicycle Network, Pedal Power ACT, Bicycle SA, WestCycle and the World Cycling Alliance who all provided valuable input and data.

A big effort was made to ensure we worked with the state and national bicycle advocacy groups and input from those organisations has resulted in a comprehensive and strongly supported set of positions across the sector.

The Amy Gillett Foundation’s Dr Marilyn Johnson prepared a separate submission that we co-signed with AusCycling, Bicycle Queensland, Bike SA, Pedal Power and WestCycle. Other submissions were also drafted by, Bicycle NSW and Bicycle Network.

We worked to ensure these submissions were aligned and presented a united approach from the sector for this critical national strategy document.

The submissions provide a powerful set of arguments and a very comprehensive coverage of what is needed to make our roads, paths and routes safer for pedestrians and bicycle riders.

We encourage everyone with an interest in this area to read them.

Joint Submission – We Ride | Joint Submission – AGF | Submission |

We Ride’s national program

Preparing expert submissions is just one part of the federal advocacy work We Ride does. The foundation is supported by our members who make it possible for us to: