National reporting on the Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 (AIP21) which was launched last Friday, has been very positive with key national peak groups expressing their support.

WeRide reported on the transport section of the Plan here, to which it also provided extensive input for bikes at the invitation of Infrastructure Australia.

Image Infrastructure Australia: screenshot of AIP21, pages 354-55.

Nationally, members of the National Parliamentary Friends of Better Cities have welcomed the plan, with the Property Council endorsing the 15-year roadmap of reforms and investment initiatives.

Chief Executive, Ken Morris, said the plan ‘had a welcome focus the infrastructure needs of our growing cities and the role of the built environment in transitioning the economy to net zero emissions.’ (LINK)

“The recipe is to use infrastructure as the backbone to creating high amenity, high liveability places across our cities. You don’t create great cities by disconnecting infrastructure planning from urban outcomes and this report recognises this,” said Mr Morrison.

Engineers Australia CEO, Dr Bronwyn Evans AM, commended ‘Infrastructure Australia on its community-centered reform agenda,’ and noted that Engineers Australia ‘broadly supports the recommendations provided in the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan.’ (LINK)

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) CEO, Caroline Wilkie, said,

“We are pleased to see the Plan’s recognition of the importance of sustainable development, innovation and collaboration to deliver infrastructure that meets our evolving needs over time.”

With walking and biking booming during the pandemic, there was a real opportunity now to maximise the use of mass transit solutions such as rail as part of sustainable transport planning,” Ms Wilkie added.

The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) has stated it is a long-time supporter of Infrastructure Australia and states “IA continues to meet its mandate to advise governments, industry and the community on the investments and reforms needed to deliver better infrastructure for all Australians.”

In relation to the recently released AIP21, BIC says;

“the average Australian punter can be left in no doubt that a new era of personal travel is in a significant phase of evolution. More and more people want to live (and work) in affordable spaces with fast and affordable accessibility. Human powered transport has boomed as a result of a clear mode-shift away from driving cars.” Quotes are from the upcoming September edition of BIC’s View from Canberra.

Importance of WeRide’s national role

These comments reinforce the value of efforts by WeRide over many years to ensure active travel is considered as an important part of the transport mix by the entire industry.

WeRide has been a foundation partner of the Parliamentary Friends of Better Cities group along with the Property Council, the ARA, Bus Industry and other national peak bodies. There are 15 national peak bodies in the Friends group including the Australian Local Government Association, Council of Capital City Lord Mayors and more.

WeRide invests in this work to ensure bikes have a seat at the national policy and decision-making table.

Our activities are focused on strategic initiatives that place the contribution of active transport and cycling firmly as nationally significant contributors to our environmental and personal wellbeing and to community liveability.

All our valued members (see them here) contribute to ensure WeRide represents the interests of bicycle riders nationally – we all want more bums on seats!

Image Infrastructure Australia: AIP21, pages 328-29.