We Ride Australia is excited to work with PeopleForBikes and Trek Australia to launch the Places for Bikes rating scheme in Australia. Places for Bikes incorporates the Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) and City Ratings and will provide tools and systems to evaluate and promote cities across Australia. The announcement that BNA and City Ratings programs were now available in Australia, was made on the 15th May at the 2019 Australian Bicycle Summit in Melbourne.

The Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) helps communities assess the degree to which people can comfortably ride a bike to the places they want to go. Its information comes from the OpenStreetMap data source.

The PlacesForBikes City Ratings program offers a data-driven approach to identifying the best towns and cities for bicycling and rewarding those that are improving the fastest. At least five cities are expected to be rated in the first 12 months of the scheme with further cities coming online in following months.

For more information please contact Peter Bourke at peter (at) weride.org.au