2018 AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE SUMMIT- Dale Bracewell, speaks at the summit, level 13, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo, NSW, 21 June 2018. Photo: Jessica Hromas

Dale Bracewell, Vancouver’s Manager of Transportation Planning, and renowned ‘city-shaper’ provided an inspirational keynote address at We Ride Australia’s 2018 Australian Bicycle Summit. He addressed Government and corporate leaders, Australian bicycle organisations and industry representatives.

Progress on congestion-busting and increasing participation in cycling in Vancouver has created World-wide interest in what can be achieved in an advanced OECD city. A sold-out Summit audience was on hand to hear the city’s Manager Transportation Planning explain how it was done.

We Ride Australia is very proud to play a leadership role nationally in active travel policy and knowledge and Dale’s presentation is now available to download and view ‘as it happened’ on our YouTube channel.

Presentation: From a Trickle to a Stream: Achieving a Major Bike Shift in Canada (34MB PDF)

Video presentation: [https://vimeo.com/user7549723/review/277568287/ddcde6679c]