Road safety for cyclists has been in the news a lot since the latest National Road Safety Strategy was released in late 2022.

In particular, the difficulty in being able to closely link crash data between hospital admissions and Police reports, lack of timely release by state roads authorities that leads to delays of months or years before data is available for research into the causes have all been the subject of both federal government action and a strong campaign by the road user sector led by the Australian Automobile Association.

ABC Radio’s PM program featured a discussion on Monday 15th January on a University of NSW study on 30 years of cyclist crash data suggesting that older riders are crashes more often and are more likely to die as a result. Monash Uni’s Dr Ben Beck and WeRide’s Stephen Hodge discuss the results as part of the report. Listen here (3m32sec) –

The study was published by Soufiane Boufous and Jake Oliver and can be accessed here: