We Ride Australia

Parramatta presentation at the 2018 Australian Bicycle Summit

Highlighting what can be achieved, City of Parramatta is a demonstration of cooperation to develop sustainable transport infrastructure

2,245 people supporting riding, and growing!


of Australian parents say there are not enough bike paths for children to cycle safely to school.


Drop in children’s bike sales in the last 10 years across Australia.

4 million

Australians ride a bike each week.

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What we're up to

2018 Cycling Luminaries Awards

Celebrating the people and programs that get Australia riding.

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Australian Bicycle Summit

For individuals and groups involved in bicycle advocacy in Australia.

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Study Tours

Empowering our leaders to create better communities

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We Ride Australia works to...

Secure the infrastructure and programs to ensure cycling contributes to healthy, safe and enjoyable mobility for all.

Disseminate evidence and data to support the role of cycling in community and national agendas.

Build the case for investment in infrastructure.

Present the positive, healthy and safe reality of daily cycling across the country by children, adults and seniors from all walks of life.

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Join us as We Ride!

Cycling is a healthy, accessible and convenient form of mobility for everyone.

If you ride a bike, or just love cycling, add your voice in support of better bicycling for everyone in Australia.

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