This week, every national, state and territory bicycle organisation in Australia came together to provide a critical submission to the Australian Government on the importance of cycling in our transport decarbonisation efforts.

Our submission in response to the Climate Change Authority’s issues paper ‘Targets, Pathways and Progress’ represents the combined voice of all our organisations who represent 141,500 members and the 9.52 million Australians who rode a bike in 2023.

Above: every national, state and territory bicycle organisation is a signatory to this major submission to the federal government’s key climate advisory body, the Climate Change Authority.

The submission recognises the urgent need to decarbonise our economy, starting with our highly emitting transport sector highlighting our concern with the current lack of consideration of active transport in the transport decarbonisation discourse in Australia.

Together, we made it clear that Australia has the opportunity to rapidly transition to a low-emissions transport system if public and active transport – walking and cycling – receives a significant boost in funding and support.

Countries across in Europe, Asia and beyond have ramped up investment in active transport modes and are experiencing the environmental, equity, accessibility and affordability benefits.

Our submission identified the benefits of Australia learning from international success stories to inform our transport decarbonisation roadmap.

The submission by Australian bicycle organisations is yet another collaborative effort WeRide has been privileged to lead as part of our federal advocacy program in Parliament and it forms a very strong roadmap as we seek to make the choice to ride a bike in Australia easier, more convenient and safer.

The submission is tendered on behalf of the following Australian bicycle organisations:

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