Following the 2018 federal election, Parliament resumed on 2 July and Riders on the Hill was back stronger than ever! The 46th Parliament has seen more Ministers, MPs, Senators and staff riding than we have had almost at any time since the group started fifteen years ago.

The Parliamentary cycling group is organised by We Ride’s Stephen Hodge and supported by the Foundation. It provides an opportunity for those in the House to gain the benefits of a ride in a relaxed group setting before the business of Parliament kicks off for the long days they spend inside.

The relationships established with all sides are invaluable and non-partisan, contributing to the ability of We Ride Australia to conduct its work with federal decision makers.

On the last sitting week of Parliament for 2019 we had the following Senators, MPs and staff riding with us; Jacob White – Office of Alicia Payne MP, Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Stephen Hodge, Andrew Wallace MP, Dr Andrew Laming MP, David Sharma MP, Hon Angus Taylor MP, Warren Goadby – Parliament House Catering, Andrew Plumley – Willard, Andrew Taylor – Press Gallery Photographer, Ardin Beech – Office of Andrew Gee MP, Hon Dr David Gillespie MP (not in picture above but bottom right in shot below).

Riders on the Hill welcomed top Australian Michelton – Scott Pro rider, Gracie Elvin, for their weekly ride on 27th November. Here with (L-R) Stephen Hodge, WA Senator Matt O’Sullivan, Dr Andrew Laming MP, Gracie Elvin, Hon Dr David Gillespie MP and at the rear (L-R) Andrew Plumley and Hon Ben Morton MP.

An early ride from 2008, with (L-R) Senator Stephen Conroy, Hon Sussan Ley MP, Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Hon Bernie Ripoll MP, Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Julie Owens MP, Stephen Hodge, Ben Battisson.