Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the 2019 Federal Election for Saturday, 18 May. The timing reinforces the value of the Australian Bicycle Summit as a time the entire sector comes together.

Last year’s consensus statement from all national and state bicycle organisations has guided our advocacy over the last year and our calls for minimum investment of $10 per person, measures to get children riding to school again and positive provision measures to ensure provision for cycling is part of all major transport projects. The consensus statement reads:

“We are committed to a nation where every child and every adult can enjoy riding a bike safely for transport, recreation and sport.

Together we will make Australia healthier and more sustainable through a national commitment to cycling education, training and quality infrastructure.”

  • You can read more about the Coalition’s Election Platform, ‘Our Plan’, here.
  • You can read more about Labor’s ‘active transport’ Election Platform here (refer p58 of Platform doc).
  • You can read more about the 2018 National Advocacy meeting here.