The RideScore Active Schools program will benefit from the latest technology to deliver an engaging and comprehensive experience to students and parents. Based around an ‘App’ for smartphones, program partners We Ride Australia and the Sunshine Coast Council are pleased to announce that Queensland developer, Smarter Apps, will provide the comprehensive IT solution.

Smarter Apps responded to our exhaustive search for the right solution with proven capability to provide a cutting edge tool for the program.

The Foundation’s Peter Bourke said ‘with a comprehensive specification for our program and plans to trial the framework for a national roll out, we had a lot of interest from developers.’

‘Our exhaustive process did take longer that we anticipated, but has resulted in the engagement of innovative local developers Smarter Apps.’

‘We’re very excited to be involved in this project that will allow more children to ride bikes to school across the Sunshine Coast’ said Smarter Apps Director Craig Aitkin.

RideScore Active Schools is a program designed to combine proven strategies for boosting active travel to school such as bike ed with cutting edge technology and engagement to increase effectiveness, provide more incentives for children to cycle and establish a scalable framework that can be deployed much more widely across Australia.

The program is an initiative of We Ride Australia in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council and University of Canberra and has been supported by the Sport Australia’s Move It AUS program, the Sunshine Coast Council and program partners.

More information on RideScore Active Schools can be seen here.
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