Welcome to the April news for 2023 and a quick reflection on the work WeRide has done so far this year!

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The April News Video



At the start of the year, the federal Government released the National Road Safety Action Plan – defining the first actions under the 10 year national road safety strategy.

In our opinion it doesn’t go far enough in allocating clear responsibility based on data to ensure investments in road safety are working, but we are continuing the advocacy with key partners across motoring, trucking and motorbike sectors and experts like the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian College of Road Safety to get better outcomes.



In early 2023, the Albanese Government’s legislated a $10 billion fund for 30,000 new social houses across the country.

Following a request to the Minister for Housing Julie Collins we have received some options to provide input and information as the program is developed. WeRide is particularly interested in linking the housing commitment to consideration of accessible and affordable options to give all future tenants cheaper options to participate fully in work, education and community life.



We met with the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport The Hon Catherine King to present our priorities including e-bike incentives and national planning for better streets and places to ride. That meeting is the next step in working with federal leaders on positioning active transport as an affordable and accessible solution to a low carbon future in transport


Stephen is heading the US next month and has been working with our colleagues at People for Bikes to connect with the US federal bike caucus. We hope this will help us connect our Australian MPs with the American Congressional bike leaders.



we took the opportunity of the Brisbane Cycling Festival at the end of the month to host a small catch up with our members and partners at the ALÉ KING ST KICK IT: STREET CRITERIUM. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our partners for the RideScore Active Schools program on the Sunshine Coast and some of our colleagues in Queensland.



The Australian Transport Assessment Program Guidelines, or ATAP, outline best practice for transport project planning and assessment in Australia and a new draft was put out for consultation late last year.

The ATAP guidelines are critical for development of business cases for infrastructure projects

An example of the importance of the new guidance is that after significant lobbying, major roads projects and cycling projects are valued on an equal basis in key areas for the first time. We Ride lobbied on behalf of the entire bike sector to ensure active travel can mount a better case to receive appropriate support and investment for future project funding.


One of the key areas WeRide focuses on to make cycling a real option are shifting personal travel for short trips to ebikes and the last mile deliveries to cargo bikes.

To present new information on e-bike incentive schemes globally WeRide partnered with the World Bank to bring international experts into our webinar this week.

The webinar highlighted the use of incentive schemes to boost the use of e-bikes to take on more of the daily trips we all do.

If you weren’t able to make the webinar, check out the recording on our website


As always, there is a lot happening, including planning the upcoming Parliamentary Friends of Cycling event looking at equity and inclusion.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Stephen or myself

Hope you enjoyed this update and look forward to supporting bike riders across Australia.